Police probing murders at Enachu, Port Mourant

Police today said that they are investigating two murders, one at Enachu and the other at Port Mourant and both were fuelled by alcohol.

In a statement today, police said they are investigating the murder of miner Mark Cornelius, 23 years, which occurred at Barlow Landing, Enachu, at about 2330h last night.

Police said investigations revealed that Cornelius and another man were imbibing at a shop when an argument developed between them during which he was fatally stabbed to the abdomen.

Police said the suspect has not yet been arrested.

In the other case, police said they are probing the murder of Vishwadat Subramanie, 31 years of John’s, Port Mourant, Berbice, who died this morning at the GPHC.

Police said that on October 22, 2011,  Subramanie was stabbed to his abdomen by another man with whom he had an argument while at a Liquor Shop at Strand Road, New Amsterdam.

Police said that the suspect has not been arrested as yet.




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