T&T man compensated for police beating

(Trinidad Express) A man forced off the road by police officers, who then beat and jailed him, was yesterday awarded TT$76,000 in compensation by the High Court.

Aleem Hosein, who was left partially deaf by the beating, said he was still deeply traumatised by the attack.

Hosein, of Esperance Village, San Fernando, filed a lawsuit after the incident on November 23, 2006.

Hosein, the son of a police sergeant, said he was diving home that night, when a pick up-van began following.

Hosein said he slowed to allow the vehicle to pass, but the driver kept “bumpering” his car.

Hosein, who was represented by attorney Imran Khan, said the vehicle then pulled alongside and a man pointed a machine gun at him.

Hosein said “I became very scared. I thought bandits were after me.”

Hosein said he sped off, but the vehicle followed.

Hosein said he was eventually forced off the road, and a man in civilian clothing approached with the gun in hand.

“I thought I was going to die,” said Hosein.

Hosein said he tried to get out of his car to run, but was slapped repeatedly.

“The man with the gun stuck the gun under my chin and pressed it against my throat and threatened to shoot me. He then cursed me several times and said to me if I move he will shoot me,” Hosein said.

He said two other men joined the gunman.

Hosein said he was asked for money, and TT$30 taken.

He was then cuffed by a second man, and suffered an asthma attack, but was not allowed to get his inhaler.

Hosein said he was taken away in the pick up van by the men who refused to say where they were going.

Five minutes later, the vehicle pulled up at the back of the Couva Police Station.

Hosein said only then did he realise the men were police officers.

Hosein, then 19-years-old, said he was made to sit on a chair by the men who went to their desks to play games on the computers.

Hosein said he told the men his father was a police officer, but they threatened to charge him with dangerous driving and assault.

Hosein said he was eventually able to contact his father, but told by the police officers he would be killed if he said what they did.

He was then released, and sought medical treatment.


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