Two months later…no word on five missing fishers

More than two months have passed since the five fishermen from Coren-tyne, Berbice went missing and relatives are yet to hear any news, positive or negative, on their loved ones.

According to Gomattie Bisnauth, a relative of three of them, since the men went missing life has been very hard for the wives and children, having lost the main breadwinners of their family. Bisnauth said that the women especially feel the squeeze since it is hard for them to acquire jobs to support their families.

She said also that since their first visit after the men went missing, no government official, or anyone for that matter, has stepped forward to render assistance or to offer reassurance to the families.

The men, brothers Khemraj and Narine Dhanpat, known as ‘Rajan’ and ‘Shrimp,’ respectively, both of Number 64 Village, Corentyne; Ramnarine Oditnarine, called ‘Rodney,’ of Number 64 Village; Clifford Singh, called ‘Eggan’ of Number 62 Village; and Sumesh Martin, called ‘Canje,’ of Number 64 Village went missing on August 6. Foul play was suspected after the boat was discovered empty in Suriname on August 24, 17 days after the quintet set sail.

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