Rohee lashes out at Nagamootoo

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) today lashed out at Moses Nagamootoo for joining the Alliance For Change (AFC), saying that he has always sent selfish signals in his quest for power

Executive of the party and Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee  at a Freedom House press briefing called to address the Nagamootoo endorsement of the AFC, said that given egotistical and political power struggle issues emanating since during the presidency of the late Dr.Cheddi Jagan “Nagamootoo was not a man to be trusted. “  Nagamootoo was not immediately available for comment on Rohee’s criticism.

Reading from newspaper excerpts dating back to 2005 and giving historical PPP/C data ,the minister stated that he was illustrating a trend which depicted a man who was not only disloyal to the party  and a hypocrite  but one who needs to be shown to the public for the power hungry person he is. Rohee did not explain why the party was only now saying these things about Nagamootoo.

Rohee also said that Nagamootoo was always the type of person to give the public the impression that he was the only noble person in the party, a trait which sometimes frustrated even the late Dr Jagan. “He seems to be telling us that he is the only person with integrity in the party…which I found most astonishing…sometimes I used to get calls from Cheddi saying how frustrated he was with him over his attitude”, he said.

Rohee also stated that Nagamootoo has characteristics similar to that of late PNC president LFS Burnham’s with his “my way or no way“ attitude.

Although Rohee stated that the PPP/C “will not have sleepless nights over Nagamootoo’s” departure and that the party saw his move as “getting rid of baggage” he said that the party was “very disapproving” over the recent political switch.

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