Six T&T cops to be charged over Taser attack

(Trinidad Express) Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard has instructed that six police officers be charged with crimes linked to the arrest and beating of three men who were also repeatedly shocked with Taser guns at the Chaguanas Police station last year.

The decision to lay charges was made on Monday, but up to late yesterday, the warrants were not yet executed on the officers, who are members of the Central Division Task Force and Robbery Squad.

The charges relate to an incident in which brothers Randy and Ricardo Youk-See, ages 21 and 28 respectively, and neighbour Kyron Baptiste, 18, all of Tunapuna, reported they were beaten, tortured and threatened with death by the police officers who will be charged with misbehaviour in public office.

The men reported that on March 11 they were detained by police at Price Plaza, Chaguanas, and taken to the Chaguanas Police Station.

They reported that they were taken to the back of the police station where the police officers kicked, cuffed and beat them with a golf club.

The brothers and the neighbour said they were shocked with Taser guns as they were taunted by the police officers.

They reported that more than 11 officers took turns in discharging electric shocks from the guns about their bodies for more than five hours.

Randy and Ricardo’s mother, Gwendy, yesterday thanked God that after 18 months of investigations, the matter was making headway.

She said:

“I would like to get honest justice for my children. Police is usually for police, and they like to cover down a pot. I am waiting to see if anything comes out of this. I will be there when they go to court.”

She said that Randy still suffered headaches and chest pains since the incident.

Supt Edward Castillo lead investigations into the incident.


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