PPP says billboards torn down

The PPP today held a media briefing during which it said that several billboards were pulled down last night and it urged the police to act on CCTV footage.

Closed-circuit television cameras have been set up in many parts of the city but who is manning them and their real purpose has not been disclosed by the government.

The PPP statement read by Campaign Manager Robert Persaud today said:

“Last night we suffered terribly at the hands of a gang that was moving around in a black Tacoma vehicle, chopping our billboards, in some cases throwing (paint) on it also in some instances persons used (ladders) and were climbing up and removing these things. Our teams and activists who are on the road again, we are asking them not to engage in any confrontation because I rather suspect these acts are about provocation. But also it represents or shows some level of desperation in the opposition camp to be engaged in this type of behavior.

“I want to urge GECOM, I want to urge the political parties to sign the code of conduct because it will send to their supporters and their activists a strong message, as we have done to ours that we must engage in a very healthy, a very tolerant and a very civil elections campaign. We have made it clear to (our) activists when you go and put up your posters and your flags or your other materials (do) not trouble any other political party’s own and you can see that demonstrated across the country.

“We are very saddened by this fact and again I want (to) urge civil society and other groups to urge the opposition political parties that they sign the code of conduct.

“I also want to urge the Guyana Police Force to be tough and to take the necessary action. I am advised that there is surveillance tape of these actions because of the CCTV that has been put around the city, some of these billboards were placed strategically in that area, so there is some level of evidence.

“We have formally asked that the tapes be reviewed by the Guyana Police Force so that they can bring the culprits to justice. In fact we want to encourage the GPF to take the surveillance tape and make it available to the media so that the wider public can see those who are involved. To see the vehicle number of this black Tacoma that is driving around with the band that is carrying out this destructive act.”


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