Imran Khan demands radical overhaul of Pakistan cricket

KARACHI, (Reuters) – Pakistan’s former World  Cup-winning captain Imran Khan has called for a radical overhaul  of the country’s cricket infrastructure to try to avoid more  corruption.
Fellow ex-captain Salman Butt and bowler Mohammad Asif were  jailed for 30 months and one year respectively today after  being found guilty of taking bribes to fix parts of a test match  against England in 2010.
Pace bowler Mohammad Amir, 19, pleaded guilty before the  trial of his two team mates in London and was sentenced to six  months.
“I think what is most important is that our cricket system  needs to be radically changed. Only then will we be able to rid  ourselves of corruption in cricket,” Imran told Pakistan’s Geo  News.
“I feel very sad today not only for the players but for  Pakistan and its cricket. But the fact is that when these  players see corrupt people flourishing in our society they think  they can get away with anything.”
The cricketer-turned-politician, who led Pakistan to the 1992  World Cup title and has based his political campaign against  corruption and corrupt politicians in the country, said he could  feel the pain of the players’ families.
“It is a big shame for Pakistan cricket today but I also  feel for the families, they must be going through hell right  now,” he added.
“It is a shameful day for Pakistan cricket today. I feel  very bad for Amir in particular because he still very young. I  think he saw others doing it and thought he could get away with  it as well.”

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