Greek PM Papandreou wins confidence vote

ATHENS, (Reuters) – Greek Prime Minister George  Papandreou won a parliamentary confidence vote today,  avoiding snap elections which would have torpedoed Greece’s  bailout deal and inflamed the euro zone’s economic crisis.
Papandreou’s socialist government won with all his party  lawmakers in the 300 member parliament supporting the  government, but his term as prime minister appeared close to an  end.
Earlier Papandreou called for a new coalition government to  approve the 130 billion euro bailout deal which is vital for  saving the country from bankruptcy and tackling the euro zone’s  economic crisis, and signalled he was ready to stand down.
Papandreou told parliament before the vote that he would go  to the Greek president today to discuss formation of a  broader-based government that would secure the euro zone  bailout, Greece’s last financial lifeline, adding that he was  willing to discuss who would head a new administration.

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