National ID cards issued before October 2009 decommissioned

The Guyana Elections Commission today said that all National Identification Cards issued before October, 2009 (“red” and “green” ID cards) have been decommissioned with effect from October 31, 2011.

In its weekly update today, GECOM said in view of this decommissioning, ID cards (“red” and “green”) which were issued prior to October, 2009, “have no relationship with the Official List of Electors (OLE) to be produced for the General and Regional Elections – 2011 and will not be accepted as a means of identification for voting at these Elections.”

It added that the National Identification Cards, which were produced for persons who were registered during the 2008 House-to-House Registration exercise, the Claims and Objections exercise last year in preparation for Local Government Elections, the 2nd Cycle of Continuous Registration – September-December, 2010, and both phases of the Claims and Objections exercise – 2011, are currently being distributed from GECOM’s permanent Registration Offices across Guyana.

It said that the current ID card distribution exercise will end two days before Election Day – Friday, November 25, 2011.


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