Crime on the agenda in Suriname Parliament

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – “Not a day goes by without a robbery taking place. We should prevent this from being considered normal in Suriname.” Opposition Parliamentarian Shailendra Girjasing (NF/VHP) said this yesterday at the resumption of the debates about the draft Development Plan 2012-2016. That statement set the tone for the umpteenth discussion about crime in the country. According to Girjasing, large segments of the community are living in fear. He painted a picture of Suriname as a very unsafe country. Girjasing was supported by his fellow fraction member Mahinder Jogi, who called on the government to apply longer prison sentences and even the death penalty, which has never been abolished. Coalition member Rabin Parmessar (MC/NDP) countered that applying the death penalty is not a matter for the government, but the judiciary.  Parliament Speaker Jenny Geerlings-Simons also joined the discussion. She pointed out that in countries where the death penalty is still regularly applied evidence does not suggest that having this penalty has led to a drop in crime.

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