Dr Joseph Haynes joins PPP/C campaign

Former member of the reform of the PNCR, Dr Joseph Haynes has announced his support for the PPP/C.

In a statement today via the PPP/C, the Linden doctor said he was confident that a government led by Donald Ramotar would heed the cries of the people. The statement follows.

“As a physician and businessman from Linden, I have had the opportunity to evaluate the changes needed to improve the lives of our citizens especially in Regions 4 and 10.

Dr Joseph Haynes
Dr Joseph Haynes

“I strongly believe that with the inclusion of additional professional and technically experienced persons, a government led by Mr. Donald Ramotar will ensure that your cries are heard and opportunities will be presented in order that you can achieve those goals and objectives you set for yourselves.

“I have worked with others such as Peter Ramsaroop and Dr. Joey Jagan and know that their programs and ideas are committed to improving our nation.

“I was a member of the Reform in 2001 and worked on many of the plans which will improve Guyana’s infrastructure.  I am excited that in this new decade we will see many of these plans come to fruition.

“The people of Regions 4 and 10 have many challenges they face daily and I hope that my alignment with a Ramotar led PPP/C Government will help them move to the next level once they are willing and ready to commit themselves to this end.”

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