Suriname gov’t offers aid to Nickerie fire victims

(De Ware Tijd) NIEUW NICKERIE “The government is very concerned about the recent fire in Nickerie that reduced two big stores to ashes and damaged other buildings. The government will offer assistance to the victims who currently have no shelter and are in trouble”. Vice President Robert Ameerali said this during his orientation visit yesterday to the site of the fire at the corner of Emmastraat and G.G. Maynarsstraat in Nieuw Nickerie. His delegation included Public Works Minister Ramon Abrahams and Fire Chief Cyciel Waal. “We can speak of a disaster that has struck in the west of the country” Ameerali says. He is concerned about the fact that within a few days’ time, three separate fires claimed eight buildings in Nickerie. According to him, the victims will be given reasonable housing soon. The Vice President has asked Nickerie’s District Commissioner Roline Samsoedien to report to him today, so specifically needed assistance can be provided.


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