Two men who disturbed AFC rally arrested by police, warned

Police today said that ranks on duty at an AFC political meeting that was held at School Street, Zeeburg, WCD, yesterday arrested two men who were disturbing the gathering and subsequently warned and sent them away.

A release from the police said that the AFC meeting which started at 1800h was at the time being addressed by Balwant Persaud when the two men who appeared to be inebriated continuously shouted “Vote PPP, Vote Ramotar” while in the vicinity of the meeting. Police said that they were spoken to by a police rank and warned to desist from such behaviour after which they moved a short distance away.

However, the two men later returned along the roadway and as they were in the vicinity of the meeting they again continuously shouted “Vote PPP, Vote Ramotar”, police said. They were then arrested and taken to the Leonora Police Station where they were later warned and sent away.


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