Suspects in high profile Suriname murder case acquitted

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Yesterday, judge Alida Johanns acquitted Edward van Wijk of complicity in the murder of Aviation Department head John Veira. Van Wijk was convicted only of tampering with evidence and the sentence he received for that offense, 18 months, is also the time he had been remanded in custody, so he was released immediately. The other suspects in the case, Clarence Meerberg, Richard Ramsaywack and Romeo Stoomrat were also acquitted of complicity in Veira’s murder. Meerberg and Ramsaywack also received sentences that were the same length as their time in custody, but Stoomrat was fully acquitted. Veira’s next of kin were visibly disappointed with the verdict. He was murdered in his home in Commewijne in May 2010. The prosecution claimed that Van Wijk arranged the murder of John Veira and had demanded 12 years in prison against him. Judge Johanns agreed with lawyer Benito Pick that evidence against Van Wijk was lacking.


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