REDjet says no threat to LIAT

(Barbados Nation) REDjet’s boss Ian Burns has extended an invitation of partnership to LIAT, insisting that his airline is not interested in “stealing passengers”.

The CEO of the Barbados-based airline, whose company provides service to Trinidad, Guyana, and Jamaica, and is preparing to launch flights between Guyana and Antigua on Saturday, told the DAILY NATION yesterday that he had already made a formal approach to the LIAT head honcho.

“I have spoken with Brian Challenger, the CEO of LIAT, and I have written to him, so I’m awaiting a response,” he reported, although declining to say how long he had been waiting for a reply.

Speaking ahead of REDjet’s inaugural Barbados-Jamaica flight yesterday, Burns said he believed his carrier was “very complementary” to the Antigua-based LIAT.

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