Smuggled Chinese detained in Holland en route to Suriname

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – The judicial authorities in Suriname have not been officially informed yet by the Netherlands about the detention of a group of Chinese who wanted to travel to Suriname with forged documents. This is said by coalition Parliamentarian Ricardo Panka, chairman of the committee for Foreign Affairs in Parliament. Last week, officials at Schiphol airport detained six Chinese in connection with human trafficking. They had arrived from Tanzania and were on their way to Suriname. One of them, a man from Hong Kong, was the leader of the other five. They were caught when their documents turned out to be forgeries. Dutch media reported this event last Friday. Panka says that the Surinamese government has not given an official reaction yet, because an official report from the Netherlands has not received yet. Yesterday, Panka’s fellow coalition Parliamentarian Anton Paal stated in Parliament that he finds is deplorable that illegals are entering the country with assistance from “our own people. They say that money makes the world go around, but in this case the Surinamese cooperated for some crumbs.” Panka considers the criticism of Surinamese who are guilty of human trafficking justified. “Human trafficking is a serious matter. All those involved must be punished severely”, he says.


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