Facing the Future lauds historic elections

– can invigorate politics

The Facing the Future (FtF) civil society coalition, in a press release, said that the election results can be seen as having much historical significance since according to credible observers, it is the first time since 1964 that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has not won the majority of votes cast.

“The results of the General Elections of 2011 can be viewed either as producing the continuation of the past with solid ethnic voting blocs and the continuation of the PPP government into its fifth term or more positively, as producing winners all round and providing a basis for re-invigorating political life in Guyana,” the release read.

While congratulating the PPP for retaining the presidency and the largest vote and the other parties for their increased votes and seats, FtF noted that victory margins are “sufficiently small as to impose a degree of bi-partisanship and negotiated politics, replacing the rubber-stamp winner-take-all approach which has characterized Guyanese politics for too long”.

The FtF opined that a society of such diversity needs compromise and flexibility and the election results open the doors for revival of Guyana’s political life through which processes which have affected the country’s progress and influenced the migration of many citizens can be addressed.
It was noted that in the PPP’s twentieth year in office, leading the country into a more transparent, inclusive and just society should be high on the agenda as this new cabinet offers opportunities to all parties to demonstrate the importance of putting the society first.

Also pointed out was the fact that there has been no commotion as the election period passed which was described as encouraging.

Count-related claims were advised to be investigated in the interest of electors regardless if the parties have accepted the results.

While making reference to the phrase nunca mas, which means never again, FtF said “Guyanese citizens and their organizations need to cultivate a ‘never again’ mentality towards our current electoral system”.

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