Jamaican parties slammed over absence of manifestoes

(Jamaica Gleaner) Political analyst, Kevin O’Brien Chang, says it is disgraceful that an election is just weeks away and neither of the country’s major political parties have published their manifesto.

On Sunday night, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that Jamaicans would go to the polls to decide the next government on December 29.

However, while both the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP) have said their manifestoes are near completion, neither has given a date for publication.

Chang said this situation is unacceptable.

Chang said the manifestos are particularly vital given that it’s the undecided who are waiting to see the plans but forward by the parties, who will most likely decide the election.

Chang believes the pressure is even greater for the JLP which will need those uncommitted voters if they are to hang on to power.

On Sunday, Holness also told labourites they would have to target uncommitted voters, as they intensify campaign activities.

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