Foul play not seen in death of Aishalton boys – crime chief

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud says that from all indications there was no foul play involved in the death of the three Aishalton school boys and investigators are awaiting a preliminary report to determine the way forward.

Persaud in a brief telephone interview told Stabroek News that based on the information gathered, persons mined in the area and the mining pit the children were found in had caved in, killing them.

He explained that following the discovery of the bodies last Saturday, a medex in the area viewed them before they were buried. Persaud added that once the police is in possession of a preliminary report which includes a statement from the medex, investigators will be able to determine if the bodies needed to be exhumed for post-mortem examinations to be conducted.

Investigators have already questioned officials at the Aishalton Secondary School and the dormitory where the boys identified as Mark Thompson, Adrian and Chad were staying at the time of their death.

The boys left the dormitory in the remote Region Nine community on November 27 and were not heard from again.  There are reports that the trio left to take a bath at nearby Makawau Creek.

The school has no piped water and while there is a well in the compound from where students fetch water, many opt to walk to the nearby creek to bathe and wash clothes.

Searchers failed to locate them. The sandpit where the boys’ bodies were found is close to the creek.
Because of the decomposing state of the bodies they were buried shortly after.
Police are continuing their investigations.

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