Miner stabbed with scissors at Matthew’s Ridge

A 26-year-old miner was stabbed twice on Monday last at Matthew’s Ridge by a man who was said to be “still at large”.

James Semple was stabbed with a scissors once below his left arm and a second time to the right side of his back during a confrontation with a man who is reportedly employed at the same mine.

The man was air-dashed to Georgetown yesterday morning to seek medical attention and up to press time was awaiting the results of several x-rays he had taken.

Relatives indicated that they were hopeful that Semple was well enough to return home the same day but they were uncertain of this.

According to reports, Semple’s attacker had been sending several threatening messages after rumours had surfaced of a relationship he shared with a family member of the assailant.

According to the injured man’s aunt, Charmaine, Semple approached the man to inquire about the threats since they had  had no problems in the past.
“It was as he turn away another friend said look de boy coming with a scissors and he get the one by his armpit and is when he go fuh run he get stab to the back,” the woman explained.

She said that her nephew had been working on the mining site for almost two years and his attacker is known to be always involved in similar incidents.

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