Mentally-disabled elderly woman now in daughter’s care

-after hospital release

Edris Fraser, 71, the mentally-disabled woman, who was found living under harsh conditions in Kitty and was later hospitalised, has been discharged after receiving some much needed medical attention.

Stabroek News was told that after spending two weeks at the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she received treatment for various illnesses, Fraser was sent home last Thursday.

The woman had shown remarkable progress in her general appearance during her hospital stay. When Stabroek News had visited her in the hospital, the swelling in her leg had reduced significantly.

This newspaper understands that the woman is in the care of her daughter, who lived a corner away from her Dowding Street address. That daughter is also reportedly caring for a mentally-disabled sister, who had been residing with Fraser up to the day she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. This newspaper was unable to make contact with the daughter.

Last month, this newspaper reported that Fraser and a daughter were living under deplorable conditions. A shabbily dressed Betty was lying on the floor on a bed made out of cardboard and a small piece of foam, which she used as the pillow.

This newspaper walked the length of the house and no foodstuff or drinking water was visible.

Two of the woman’s children later expressed their disappointment at the publication of the Fraser’s plight, insisting that no help was needed especially since relatives overseas were sending money for their upkeep.

They said that the Housing Ministry has given them a plot of land at Diamond and the overseas relatives have promised to build a house.

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