Biker in Agricola accident dies

The police say they are investigating a fatal accident that occurred at about 2100h last night on the Agricola Public Road, EBD, and which resulted in the death of motorcyclist Orlando Deward, 25 years of Eccles, EBD.

Police say that investigations revealed that Deward was riding his motor cycle CF 8907 along the western carriageway, when it is alleged that he came into contact with the rear wheel of a bicycle that was being pushed across the roadway by Eon Boyce, 42 years of Agricola, as a result of which he lost control of the motor cycle and crashed.

Police say that both Deward and Boyce sustained injuries and were taken to GPHC where Boyce was treated and sent away, while Deward was admitted and later succumbed to his injuries.


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