Linden Fund evaluating Region 10 NGOs

The Linden Fund Trust (LFT) has announced the start of an eight-week assessment of non-governmental organisations/ community service organisations (NGO/CSO) in Region 10.
According to a statement from the LFT, the project will include the use of questionnaires; site visits to NGO/CSOs; consultations with the private sector partners, donor and government agencies, and focus groups involving the related stakeholders.

The release said the finding and recommendations of the Assessment will also be used to support targeted capacity-building and training programmes to enhance Region 10’s NGO/CSO’s ability to achieve their individual goals/missions, to contribute to development of the region, and to improve collaboration and coordination with government and donor agencies.

“This process is critical to the long-term goal of the successful establishment of the Region 10 NGO forum, whose mission will be to promote improved capacities, effective operation, networking and collaboration with government and donor agencies,” it said.

The release further stated that the proposed Linden NGO Forum is part of the broader Linden Community Forum (LCF) and its mission of facilitating community discourse in support of effective participation in governance and development of Linden and Region 10, and which comprises the Linden Forum, the Linden Media Forum, and the Linden NGO Forum.
The LFT anticipates the cooperation and support of the various NGO/CSOs that have worked so diligently in the development of Region 10, the release said.

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