Sister of Jamaica gang boss murdered

(Jamaica Observer) The sister of incarcerated Klansman gang boss, Tesha Miller, was shot dead in the hotbed community of Spanish Town yesterday.

She has been identified as 23-year-old Renase James.

Her murder occurred less than 24 hours after an intense gunbattle between police and gunmen took place in the old capital.

Police report that James was traveling in a taxi when gunmen drove up in a white motor vehicle and opened fire, hitting her and the driver.

Police this morning said she succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

“Following the incident there is now tension in the area and as a result police are keeping a close watch on sections of Spanish Town,” a cop stationed in the community said.

Yesterday activities in some areas of the town were placed on lock down as police and gunmen were involved in a heated shoot out for several hours.



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