Two badly bruised after motor bike collides with cycle

A man riding a big bike last evening collided with a bicycle and both of the men suffered severe bruises after they slid along the East Bank Public Road at Agricola.

The rider of the superbike was identified as Orlando Williams, 26 years old, of Lot 9 Eccles, East Bank Demerara.  The man suffered abrasions about the body and was wearing a neck brace up to the time that he was being taken in for an x-ray.

At the hospital, the man’s sister and other relatives were on hand, anxiously awaiting word on his condition. He later went into the Radiography Department to be x-rayed. Eyewitnesses stated that the man and his superbike slid on the road for several feet before coming to a stop.

The man who had been riding the bicycle at the time of the accident was also being treated for his injuries as a result of the accident. He was walking about but had serious bruises on his upper right arm and parts of his feet.

Many of Williams’ colleagues from the biking fraternity turned up at the hospital to find out about the extent of injuries.

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