Dharm Shala issues annual appeal

The Dharm Shala has issued its annual appeal to the public to continue its humanitarian work.

In a press release last week, the institution said that it was entirely dependent on donations from the public and companies for its survival, and that money was needed not just for day-to-day expenses, but also for the maintenance of its nine Dharm buildings as well as to pay the electricity and water rates. The last two, said the release, have consumed a great portion of the Dharm Shala’s reserve funds which had been painstakingly accumulated over the years.

The institution offers help to people from all walks of life, irrespective of race or religion, said the Dharm Shala, and its doors in Georgetown and Fort Canje, Berbice, are open to the “destitute, sick, unloved, lonely and others.” There is no charge to the beneficiaries, who are given something to eat, a warm bed, clean clothes and “most of the amenities of civilized living.”

It was also indicated that the traditional Christmas luncheon for the poor will be held on Christmas Day, and the party for poor children during the month of December.

The release said that donations can be sent to the Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, President or Vice President c/o Dharm Shala, 140 King Edward Street, Albouystown; or to Mr Edward Boyer c/o National Hardware (Guyana) Ltd, Water Street, Georgetown.

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