Nismes Primary getting facelift

The Nismes Primary School compound is getting a facelift as the schoolyard and playfield are being weeded and a fish pond that caused concern among teachers and parents is scheduled to be filled with mud.

Stabroek News had visited the school last Wednesday and spoken to parents and teachers, who said that there had been many complaints about the state of the school to the Ministry of Education but no action had been taken.

When the newly-appointed Minister of Education Priya Manickchand was contacted that afternoon, she said she would look into the situation immediately.

The main path to the school has been blocked with the mud.

When Stabroek News revisited the school yesterday, there were workmen weeding the yard and clearing the fences of the thick overgrown vegetation. The pond, meanwhile, was dredged and truckloads of mud were being dumped in the yard to fill it in.

Some parents are of the view that the mud being deposited in the school’s compound is unsafe, since it contains a lot of debris and garbage.

The deposit also blocks the path leading to the school, which could force students to walk in the muddy yard to get to their building.

This newspaper made efforts to speak to the workmen but was unsuccessful.

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