Ramotar to remain general secretary until PPP decides on way forward

President Donald Ramotar continues to serve as the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and is likely to continue holding the post until the party decides on the way forward.

PPP executive member Gail Teixeira, when questioned about this recently, said that as of now Ramotar continues to hold the highest portfolio in the party. She said that the party will have to decide whether Ramotar will hold onto the position like Dr Cheddi Jagan had even after he became president. Ramotar became the PPP’s General Secretary following the death of Dr Jagan in 1997 and has served in that capacity since.

Teixeira noted that since Dr Jagan’s death there had been a separation between the head of the party and the presidency. She noted that since Dr Jagan’s death, both Janet Jagan and Bharrat Jagdeo became president while not holding on to the post of party General Secretary. Right now the party is focused on ensuring that the work of the government goes on and that it continues to build on the existing momentum.

Observers have noted that should the party opt for a new General Secretary, Teixeira could be one of the persons in contention for the post.

When reached for comment, PPP/C executive member Robert Persaud said that Ramotar continues to be the party’s general secretary noting that there is a precedent in this scenario. He indicated that there was no conflict of interest between him holding this position and that of president, again pointing to the dual role that Dr Jagan had played.

The issue could be settled at the party’s 30th Congress which is slated for early next year. In August the party had postponed the Congress so that it could concentrate on the general elections. This was done after the Central Committee of the party unanimously passed a motion on the matter.

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