Cancellation of bridge project to cost Suriname

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Cancellation of the Carolina bridge project will cost the government dearly for now bridge constructor Ballast-Nedam must be reimbursed for 3.6 million Euros. Members of Parliament Assiskoemar Gajadien (VHP) and Ronald Venetiaan (NPS) tabled the issue in Parliament last Friday. Speaker Jennifer Geerling-Simons pointed out that the government will have to inform Parliament on this issue before the budget debates commence. Venetiaan criticized the fact that Ballast-Nedam will receive payment while no work has been done, with a sum that equals the cost for repairs to the damaged bridge. Venetiaan demands to see the contracts and appendices signed with the Dutch construction firm, an outline of the terms of reference as well as the Council of Minister’s missive approving payment. The engineering firm in charge of operations management for the project will receive 1.2 million Euros, plus an additional quarter of a million Euros for geo-technical advice. ‘We would like the government to explain things here in Parliament, and to submit all documents on this case so that we can check whether the sums which are now charged are realistic, for we have reasons for concern,’ said Venetiaan.


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