One person held over attack on elderly Mocha Arcadia couple

Armed men invaded the home of 62-year-old Ingrid Sulkar and 68-year-old Wilfred Sulkar on Friday evening, beating the two pensioners before escaping with over $60,000 and a quantity of jewellery.

When Stabroek News spoke to the couple’s daughter yesterday, it was revealed that one man had been arrested in the area after several persons came forward and said that the individual was seen having a conversation with one of the three perpetrators.

Police officers are yet to contact the family on the progress of the probe.

Meanwhile, the woman said that both her mother and father are still in terrible pain and that painkillers which were issued to them at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre on the night of the incident have not been helping.

She related that she will have her parents taken to a private institution where they can hopefully have a better response.

The elderly couple has been operating a retail cylinder cooking gas business for 12 years and on the night in question, three men, two of whom were armed, arrived at the home under the pretext that they wanted to purchase gas.

Their daughter related that they are now skeptical about continuing the business as they have been left traumatized.

“This is the first time… they’ve never been robbed. The entire village knows them because practically everybody is purchase gas from them,” she said.

Her parents, the woman added, have not only been robbed of their money and jewellery but their peace of mind as well.

However, she noted that some comfort is found in the police’s constant patrols in the area since the robbery was reported.

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