Bel Voir Court suffering garbage woes

The residents of Bel Voir Court, Georgetown have been complaining that their garbage has not been collected for over two weeks, causing an unhealthy backup of their rubbish and they would now have to pay private contractor Cevons Waste Management $400 per barrel for disposal services.

Stabroek News on visiting the area observed that almost every parapet in the area had an overflowing bin and several black garbage bags stacked alongside the barrels.

Mrs. Brown, a resident, said  that the truck usually comes on Wednesdays to pick up garbage but for two weeks now it has not appeared.

Another resident, Sonia, said “the garbage collectors said that they will pass today (Tuesday) but they haven’t passed as yet (12:00pm).”

With the holidays just around the corner and the traditional cleanup taking place, a  greater volume  of garbage is expected to be generated in the community, residents noted.

Bel Voir Court is the second community that has complained recently about their garbage being left uncollected for over two weeks.

Recently the residents of the new Diamond Housing Scheme on the East Bank of Demerara expressed dissatisfaction that their waste had not been picked up for over one month, forcing them to burn and bury garbage to curb the pollution in the community.

Meanwhile, residents of McDoom, also on the East Bank of Demerara, have expressed concern that the garbage truck did not work in their community according to its regular schedule last Friday, and four days later there has been no public notice notifying them when the service will be resumed.

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