Top Cop mum on complaint against him by woman

Police Commissioner Henry Greene yesterday declined comment on an abuse complaint filed against him by a woman at the Brickdam Police Station.

“I have nothing to say at this time,” Greene said, when contacted last evening by Stabroek News for a comment on the accusation.

Up to press time last night, the woman was still at the Brickdam Police Station with her attorney, Nigel Hughes, giving a statement.

Earlier, in the presence of Hughes, the woman, who appeared uneasy, detailed her story to reporters, explaining that she had a matter engaging the police’s attention several weeks ago.

She said that she sought the assistance of Greene early last month after unsuccessful attempts to reclaim a mobile phone which police had in their possession. She said that the phone contained information, including telephone numbers of relatives, which she considered important.

As a result, the woman said that she went to Greene on November 15 and he told her to return to his office several days later to discuss the issue. She said that on November 22, she visited Greene at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary and after waiting for several hours, she managed to meet him at nightfall to discuss her situation.

Greene, she said, assured her that he was going to retrieve her mobile phone from another section of Eve Leary that evening. She said that Greene became personal and offered her a drop home but she refused.

However, at his insistence, she eventually decided to enter the vehicle with
him. She said the abuse then followed.

The woman also displayed text messages from a number which she said, belongs to the police, 699-870.

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