APNU supporters picket Duke Lodge

Some 40 APNU supporters last night picketed outside Duke Lodge, owned by businessman Gerry Gouveia.

Some of the statements on the placards held by picketers read: “Gerry knocks glass with Surujbally while democracy burns,” and “Gerry knocks glass with Gecom as they celebrate sloppy elections”.

When Stabroek News visited the area last night, the picketers were found with their candles alight as they sang various hymns. A security guard and another employee at the Lodge stood watch at the gate, while Gouveia was nowhere in sight.

Among those present at the candlelight vigil was former GDF officer Aubrey Gill.

Another protester stated that prior to the recent elections, no word was heard from Gouveia, who is a member of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), “but since elections pass, you hearing from him.”

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