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‘Let God be the judge’-Greene

“Let God be the judge,” Police Commissioner Henry Greene yesterday said in response to the abuse complaint filed against him by a woman, even as the AFC leadership called for his interdiction pending the outcome of the matter.

When asked at a police awards ceremony if there was any development in the case, Greene stated that he preferred to be careful in dealing with the matter and he said that as a result he would reserve all comments. He also indicated that he has sought legal advice on the matter.

A seemingly unruffled Greene noted that he was aware of the information so far circulated and broadcast by the media but refused to answer further questions put to him.

Henry Greene

When asked if he knows the woman who is alleging that she was abused by him, Greene walked away.

On Tuesday, the woman, in the company of her lawyer, Nigel Hughes, made a report against Greene at the Brickdam Police Station. In the presence of Hughes, she told reporters that the abuse occurred after she sought the assistance of Greene early last month to reclaim a mobile phone that police took from her. Observers have noted that the allegation against Greene has put the force in an awkward situation as it now has to investigate a complaint against its own boss. It was suggested in some circles that if the government was intent on addressing the controversy that has arisen around the complaint, that it might appoint a panel from outside of the force to probe the matter.

Meanwhile, in light of the woman’s complaint, the AFC yesterday urged that Greene be interdicted from duty, while saying that the case would be a test for new President Donald Ramotar.
AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan told a media briefing yesterday that there exists a degree of “cogency in the whole allegation” and he said that the AFC believes that there “must be some very intense investigation into the matter.”

He added that Greene should be interdicted, at the very least, while adding that based on what the party has been told about the case, the Commissioner should tender his resignation or the president should dismiss him.

Ramjattan noted that since Greene heads the agency investigating the woman’s complaints, he should not be on the job because of the possibility of interference with the investigation. “One need not should have to extrapolate or go into any details of how an investigation can be compromised,” he said.

He also said that had there been allegations of a similar nature made against others, they would have already been placed before the courts.

He referred to the issue as “a big test of our police force,” while adding that he expects the matter to be dealt with immediately.

AFC Leader Raphael Trotman, meanwhile, said that the issue is a personal test for Ramotar as president. “Is he president or is he a weakling?” he asked. “Because, if the most senior police officer can break or be accused of breaking the rule of law it defines his presidency.”

Trotman further said that he believed the police commissioner would not step down in face of the allegations. “Since he would not want to leave office, the office has to be removed from him and I am holding President Ramotar personally responsible, and how he handles the matter will define his presidency,” he said, while adding that the nation and the world are looking on.

Greene’s accuser said that she went to him on November 15 and he told her to return to his office several days later to discuss the issue. On November 22, she said that she visited Greene at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary and after waiting for several hours, she managed to meet him at nightfall to discuss her situation.

Greene, she said, assured her that he was going to retrieve her mobile phone from another section of Eve Leary that evening. She said that Greene later offered her a drop home but she refused. However, at his insistence, she eventually decided to enter the vehicle with him. She said the abuse then followed at another location.

The woman also displayed text messages from a number which she said belongs to the police.

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