Gerry Gouveia expresses disappointment to Granger over Duke Lodge protests

-wonders what has led to breakdown of ties with former army buddies

Businessman Gerry Gouveia has written APNU presidential candidate David Granger over two noisy demonstrations by the coalition outside one of his properties in Kingston saying that he is extremely disappointed that such disorder and disrespect was being allowed.

APNU protesters have targeted persons they believe have been in cahoots with the government and GECOM and two nights this week they protested and chanted in front of Gouveia’s Duke Lodge in Kingston, a stone’s throw from the US embassy.

In a letter dated yesterday and released to the press today, Gouveia pointed out to Granger that on Wednesday night, December 14, 2011 at approximately 8pm about “100 persons (including many elderly women and a few very young children) of what appeared to my staff as supporters of the People’s National Congress and marshaled by persons wearing APNU jerseys, staged a noisy demonstration directly in front of Roraima Duke Lodge and the United States Embassy. Again on Thursday night December 15, 2011 they converge(d) again in front of Duke Lodge and began chanting loudly this time at 1130 pm.”

Duke Lodge (SN file photo)
Duke Lodge (SN file photo)

Gouveia said his hotel was occupied by diplomats, visiting business executives and tourists and he declared that he was extremely disappointed that party operatives under Granger’s leadership would be allowed to display such disrespect and public disorder knowing full well the kind of guests that are housed at Duke Lodge.

Gouveia, once a GDF pilot then goes on to wonder what has happened to his relationship with former army brigadier Granger and other ex-military men who are involved in the APNU campaign.

Gerry Gouveia
Gerry Gouveia

“I am personally at a loss to understand how this breakdown of relationship could even have been allow(ed) to occur since my personal relationship with you, Larry London, Joseph Harmon and many other of my army comrades are solid and intact. Please enlighten me if you are aware of the reason for this breakdown of our relationship.

“I have no personal quarrel with the People’s National Congress, I served with pride in the Guyana National Service, an institution set up by the People’s National Congress Government, and am still to this day 36 years after a strong advocate for the reintroduction of the GNS.

“I was awarded a scholarship by the government of the People’s National Congress. I served in the Guyana Defence Force and felt privileged to have served alongside and under men like you whom I have developed a high level of respect for and always held in great esteem.

“I could have deserted Guyana like so many others have done, I could have taken my training and my talents away to help build other countries like so many other thousands of Guyanese did, after being trained using tax payers money under the government of the People’s National Congress. In fact, I stayed, used my training and talents to help in the development of our country, worked hard, created many jobs, saved many Guyanese lives, risking my own life many times by flying medivac missions hundreds of miles deep into our jungles and into the mountains at night while the rest of the nation slept peacefully.”

Gouveia said he never thought that he would live to see the day when his business was targeted by supporters of the PNCR particularly while Granger was in a leadership role in the party.

“Nevertheless the harassment has began!!. The supporters of the People National Congress began their demonstrations in front of Duke Lodge and the Embassy of the United States of America, by pretending to be followers of Jesus Christ our lord and savior by singing religious songs, shouting my name out loudly just before they began pontificating and demonstrating a strange ritual in words and action. They began the breaking of eggs on the bridge of Duke Lodge, the breaking of coconuts and chanting repetitively and loudly, making sounds of horror with their vocal chords.”

Saying that the protesters did not damage the property nor harm the staff, Gouveia said he wanted to remind Granger of a covenant he had made with the private sector prior to the elections that he would do everything possible to enhance public safety and national unity.

“I ask you humbly, to consider carefully, whether the strategy by your party operatives of unleashing your party supporters to demonstrate in front of business at night really embraces your covenant.”

Gouveia copied his letter to political leaders, the private sector and foreign missions.




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