India invites entrees for global video contest

The Government of India has embarked on an initiative which would allow persons to share their thoughts and perception of India by participating in the ‘India Is’ global video contest.

According to the High Commission of India, in a press release, entrants are invited to pick a theme for the video contest from the following: India Is…Colourful; India Is…Creative; and India Is… Wherever you are. The film should be less than three minutes, the press release noted.

The themes allow anyone in any country to make a short video on India, it said, while adding that the winning entries will be sent, on behalf of the Indian Government, to renowned international film festivals.

Prizes up to US$7,500 would be up for grabs, the release also said, while noting that the deadline for entries is December 31, 2011.

The release noted that “there is not one single image that sums up India. It means different things to different people – not only to foreigners but to Indians as well.”

With that thought in mind, the global initiative called ‘India Is’ was launched, inviting the world to participate.

“For some India may be an investment option while for some an adventure, a spiritual experience, colourful or creative depending upon individual experience… Even if one has not visited India, one may still be having some perception of India,” the release added.

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