Anti-piracy laws to be strengthened

-Baksh tells fishermen

Junior Agriculture Minister Alli Baksh has told fishermen that Cabinet will be asked to strengthen anti-piracy laws in order to ensure their safety while at sea.

Baksh made the promise during a meeting on Tuesday, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

He also said that the ministry will seek to get the police to investigate incidents of piracy, and he urged the fishermen to present any evidence they have of persons involved in piracy, while adding that the ministry is prepared to give them the fullest support.

During the recent elections campaign, APNU presidential candidate David Granger highlighted the pirate attacks as evidence of government’s failure to protect fisher folk, and he promised tougher laws and better enforcement.

According to GINA, the ministry has been addressing incidents of piracy which has resulted in government putting more resources into investigating such cases.

On Tuesday, police arrested four men in connection with an armed robbery committed on Saturday off the coast of the No. 43 Village, Corentyne, during which four fishermen were robbed by five men armed with guns and cutlasses.

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