Eggs $395 to $540 per dozen

The holiday season is here and the demand for some food items has increased and in some cases there has been a corresponding  price hike.

Stabroek News visited some of the major supermarkets in Georgetown and the Stabroek and Bourda Markets as well to check on the prices for these items.

The items that were looked at were eggs, chicken and mixed fruit preserves, which are all widely used at this time.

It was discovered that the price for eggs in the major supermarkets ranged from $395 to $540 per dozen.

The prices for mixed fruit preserves  were mostly the same at most of the supermarkets, going  from $295 to $395 per pound dependant on the brand the consumer chooses.

Most of the supermarkets visited stocked Bounty Farm  chicken which is available for the same price and there is the option to choose which cut you wish.

At the two major markets it was no different as the prices for eggs were $1800 to $1200 per tray and one vendor was singing “come and get the eggs for $1800 per tray before it reach $2000 and $3000.”

Chicken which is a major part of the local holiday menu ranged at the markets from $380 to $280 per pound and mixed fruit preserves were  $240 to $200 per pound.

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