Three men hacked to death in Jamaica

(Jamaica Observer) The quietness of Frankfield, a community in the central parish of Clarendon, was shaken on Tuesday morning when men armed with machetes invaded a house and attacked its three male occupants as they slept, hacking them to death.

Residents said the killings of 35-year-old Rolando Thomas, otherwise called ‘Dadda’; 17-year-old Kenroy Carty, also called ‘Notchy’; and 22-year-old Ricardo Fowler, also called ‘Lance’, were the most gruesome the community had witnessed to date.

They said the death house, which was owned by Thomas, was a regular hang-out spot for the three friends.

The incident, the police said, occurred at approximately 3:00 am when the thugs kicked opened the door to the two-bedroom dwelling. Thomas, Carty and Fowler were chopped multiple times all over their bodies.

However, residents only became aware of the men’s demise when one of the badly mutilated bodies was seen on the verandah of the house shortly after 7:30 am and an alarm raised.

“The men were hacked and chopped beyond recognition and not even their screams for help we no hear,” said one man who asked not to be named.

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