Attack on Mexican casino kills 20

MONTERREY, Mexico, (Reuters) – Armed men killed at  least 20 people in an attack on a casino in northern Mexico  that left the building ablaze with gamblers trapped inside,  officials said yesterday.

People remained stuck inside the Casino Royale building in  Monterrey, a prosperous city 140 miles (230 km) from the Texas  border that has suffered from increasing criminal violence in  recent months.

“There are more than 20 people dead but rescue efforts are  still ongoing,” Monterrey Mayor Fernando Larrazabal told a news  conference.

Television images showed firemen close to controlling the  fire as smoke subsided while frantic paramedics went in and out  the building.

Initial reports said the armed men had thrown grenades into  the building but local media later retracted the reports.

A survivor told Milenio TV that a group of masked armed men  driving four trucks arrived to the casino, burst into it and  threatened gamblers. Then they started spraying gasoline and  set fire to the place.

Several victims who were pulled from inside the casino were  given first aid on the street or driven in ambulances to  hospitals for checkups. Rescuers used an excavator from a  nearby construction site to break through a casino wall to  search for more victims.

Monterrey, a city of 4 million people, has become a focal  point of the violence stemming from President Felipe Calderon’s  crackdown on Mexico’s powerful drug cartels. It was not clear  whether organized crime was behind the attack.

Twitter users from Monterrey reported scenes of chaos on  the streets around the Casino Royale after the attack and a  heavy army presence. The government of Monterrey’s home state,  Nuevo Leon, has yet to give an official briefing on the  attack.

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