Jamaica cops to use electronic ticketing system

(Jamaica Observer) Preparations are well underway for the introduction of hand-held mobile devices to replace the old method that traffic cops currently use to issue tickets to offending motorists.

“We already have the hand-held devices in the island,” Paula Fletcher executive director of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC), told Auto this week.

Fletcher said however that the implementation of the new system was awaiting the finalisation of the software to be used.
Upon implementation, traffic cops would do away with the paper pad, instead the device would print a ticket after information on the offence and driver is entered.

“The devices interface with traffic ticketing database, telling if tickets are outstanding,” Fletcher explained. “It will show all unpaid tickets,” she said.

Fletcher added that the hand-held devices are similar in size to those currently being used by the National Water Commission and Jamaica Public Service personnel in the field. But not all traffic cops will have these devices over the short term.
“It is not going to totally replace the paper-based system islandwide,” Fletcher disclosed. “We got 20 per cent of the total requirement.

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