Colombian drug gang bloodbath ‘averted’ in T&T

– Rowley says was told

(Trinidad Express) Government spokesmen have told the Oppo-sition PNM that the state of emergency was called because a Colombian drug gang wanted to kill members of a Trinidad and Tobago drug gang, following the TT$22 million drug bust at Piarco.

So stated Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley on Tuesday.

Dr Keith Rowley

“When the debate was over and we were dispersing in the crowd and talking amongst our parliamentarian colleagues, government spokespersons came to the Opposition, whispering in our ears as good friends well-met, ‘we can’t tell the country but we could tell you that the real reason is this: that the cocaine that they pick up in the two suitcases in Piarco, belonged to a Colombian drug gang and Trinidad drug gang was supposed to guard it in Trinidad for it to be shipped out, and that (Trinidad) gang allowed the Government (the law enforcement authorities) to intercept it. So the Colombian gang was going to kill the Trinidad gang and that is what the Government moved to avert. And that is what Sandy was alluding to, when he said that blood would flow,” Rowley said. But the Opposition Leader said the PNM does not believe this latest story.

He said the Opposition immediately recognised this story “for what it was—yet another attempt by the Government to find a justification for what they had done”.

“Notwithstanding their brave danger, and their PR exercises, the Government is still trying to find an acceptable reason for the State of Emergency … after refusing to tell us on the Parliament floor.”

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