Surinamese health ministry warns against Chinese flu pills

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – The Health Ministry has issued a warning against the use of the Chinese health products ‘Bi Yan Pian’, ‘Specific Hou Ton Qing’ and ‘Pe Min Kan Wan’. These are used against flu symptoms such as a sore throat and a stuffy and runny nose. Last month, health authorities in Canada and Hong Kong banned these products from the market, because they contained too high amounts of mercury and/or arsenic. The Health Ministry states that although ‘Bi Yan Pian’, ‘Specific Hou Ton Qing’ and ‘Pe Min Kan Wan’ are not formally available in Suriname, there is a chance that they are for sale because of smuggling. They could be available in supermarkets, small shops and other locations where medicines are sold in violation of the rules anyway. The Health Ministry urges people who have used these products to go to their doctor as soon as possible.

The citizenry is also urged to keep an eye out for these products in stores, drugstores and other locations. If these are offered for sale, this should be reported immediately to police or the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Economic Controls Department (ECD).

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