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ATHENS/FRANKFURT – Banks and policymakers moved closer to a  deal yesterday to help Athens secure funds ahead of a  parliamentary vote on austerity next week that Greek Prime  Minister George Papandreou must win to avert default.

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AMMAN – Syrian security forces shot dead at least 15 people  yesterday after tens of thousands of protesters took to the  streets demanding the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad,  witnesses and activists said.

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BRUSSELS/TRIPOLI – French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday rebuffed criticism of Europe’s role in the Libyan war by  outgoing U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates, saying  Washington’s allies were “doing the work”.

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SANAA – Tens of thousands of opposition Yemenis packed  central Sanaa in what they called the “Friday of the  Revolutionary Will” — a signal of their determination to  continue protests to get the wounded president to stand down.

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