Beyonce appears at MTV awards looking pregnant

LOS ANGELES, (Reuters) – R&B singer Beyonce let  pictures tell the story of a baby on the way for her and rapper  husband Jay-Z at the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday,  appearing before photographers and outlining a baby bump under  her long gown.

The singer appeared visibly pregnant on the red carpet at  the widely-watched show where MTV gives out awards for best  videos. Wearing a loose-fitting dress, she showed off her  expanded waistline and used her hands to frame a baby bump. But  she did not talk with reporters, leaving only eyewitness  accounts and photographs for confirmation.
Beyonce, whose hits include “Beautiful Liar” and “Single  Ladies (Put a Ring on it), is vying for MTV’s Best Female Video  award with “Run the World (Girls).”

She and rapper Jay-Z began dating in 2002 and were married  in April 2008. For years, her many fans and the media have  speculated about whether and when they might have a baby. It  appears they won’t have to wait much longer.

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