Two-million-year-old S.Africa fossils show links to man

JOHANNESBURG, (Reuters) – A well-preserved set of  2-million-year-old fossils shows a part-human, part-ape species  had hands similar to man, sophisticated ankles that helped in  movement and a surprisingly tiny but advanced brain, a report  released yesterday said.

The fossils, discovered in a sunken cave north of  Johannesburg, may change views of the origins of humans. They  show a combination of anatomical features never seen before,  demonstrating close links to the species and humans.

“The many very advanced features found in the brain and  body, and the earlier date make it possibly the best candidate  ancestor for our genus, the genus Homo, more so than previous  discoveries,” said Lee Berger, at the Institute for Human  Evolution at the University of the Witwatersrand in  Johannesburg.

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