Gaddafi begged Italy’s help in letter-Paris Match

PARIS, (Reuters) – Deposed Libyan leader Muammar  Gaddafi wrote to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in  August begging him to halt a NATO-led intervention that was  helping a rebel uprising drive him from power, French weekly  Paris Match reported.

If authentic, the missive reveals Gaddafi’s desperation as,  days after going on the run, he reached out to a man who had  been a close friend and his most solid ally in Europe until  Italy joined the West’s campaign to back Libyan rebels.

The magazine’s website showed a copy of the letter, dated  Aug. 5 and in printed Arabic, with handwritten lines scrawled on  it, purportedly by Gaddafi and marked to the attention of his  aide Abdallah Mansour. It read: “Send on this message as coming  from me, by means of this document, after correction.”

The words “new friends” at the bottom were then crossed out  and “friends and allies” written above it in the same hand. Gaddafi was buried on Friday in a secret location in the   Sahara desert, after being shot last week.

In the missive, Gaddafi reproached Berlusconi, with whom he  had developed a warm and jovial friendship over several years,  for not intervening to help him and reminds him of the pact of  friendship between the two countries.

“I have been surprised by the attitude of a friend with whom  I have sealed a treaty of friendship that benefits both our  nations,” the letter read. “I would have hoped that at least you  would have been concerned at the facts and would have attempted  a mediation before adding your support to this war.”

Berlusconi said in a speech to supporters in September that  had felt “very bad” about switching sides in April and joining  the NATO campaign to oust his old friend from power. He said he  had even considered resigning over the issue.

It is not clear whether the letter ever reached Berlusconi,  who appealed to Gaddafi on August 22 to end his resistance to  avoid further bloodshed in Libya. There was no immediate comment  available from Berlusconi’s office on Friday.

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