Atheist intellectual Christopher Hitchens dead at 62

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – British-born journalist  and atheist intellectual Christopher Hitchens, who made the  United States his home and backed the 2003 U.S. invasion of  Iraq, died on Thursday at the age of 62.

Hitchens died in Houston of pneumonia, a complication of  cancer of the esophagus, Vanity Fair magazine said.
“Christopher Hitchens – the incomparable critic, masterful  rhetorician, fiery wit, and fearless bon vivant – died today at  the age of 62,” Vanity Fair said.

A heavy smoker and drinker, Hitchens cut short a book tour  for his memoir “Hitch 22” last year to undergo chemotherapy  after being diagnosed with cancer.

As a journalist, war correspondent and literary critic,  Hitchens carved out a reputation for barbed repartee, scathing  critiques of public figures and a fierce intelligence.

In his 2007 book “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons  Everything,” Hitchens took on major religions with his trenchant  atheism. He argued that religion was the source of all tyranny  and that many of the world’s evils have been done in the name of  religion.

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