Guyana needs a vision beyond giving laptops where there is no electricity

Dear Editor,

With respect to the letters by Vassan Ramracha SN, March, 18, and Leyland Roopnarine on March 19, I cannot speak for Stabroek News, but I find it offensive that the same retrograde  mentality has surfaced again, clothing itself with the façade of  “perpetual victim” when found wanting. Mr Ramracha tells Stabroek that it is activating racial tensions, when President Jagdeo’s double talk and deceptions and the irrational venom coming from certain members of his party leave little to the imagination of any citizen paying attention.

It was during the period of the Jagdeo government that the drug cartels and Roger Khan commenced the most violent period of our modern history.

The PPP has always hidden behind the façade of being an Indian Guyanese champion when confronted with matters of principle and governance. At Babu John Mr Jagdeo was true to this; the media merely analyzed the traditional rhetoric and exposed the standard hypocrisy.

It is obvious that Leyland Roopnarine has never served in any para-military or military organization, yet he comments on where the training as a senior officer takes you, and what it prepares you for. Why is it necessary then for Prince William, the future king of England, to have that experience in his collective consciousness? Misinformation and slander cannot pierce the facts that reside in the national awareness.  From 1992 to date the PPP has acted as an occupational government.  The mismanagement of the economy, the contempt for the constitution, the continued destruction of the health and education systems, the inability to inspire through good example, are practices which have eroded all values and have cast a shroud on the horizons of our young. David Granger had a distinguished military career, then proceeded to produce an enviable volume on Guyanese history, and is an accomplished publisher and academic.  I can assure Mr Roopnarine that he towers above the collection of PPP hopefuls whose only potential lies in a numerical anomaly. If Guyana is to survive sensibly it needs a tower to create a vision beyond the distractions of giving a laptop where there is functional illiteracy and no electricity.

Yours faithfully,
Barrington Braithwaite

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