Mr Burke’s death should be a wake-up call to tighten management at Ogle

Dear Editor,

My sympathies go to the relatives, friends and colleagues of the security driver, Solomon Burke, who was shot to death at the Trans-Guyana facility at Ogle Airport.

However, my condolences are mixed with a few enquiries related to the man’s murder, airport security and management at Ogle generally. I understand that Ogle, now an international airport is managed by private sector companies. Who exactly is responsible for the management of Ogle airport? Is it Trans-Guyana Air Services Limited, Roraima, or an experienced larger group?

I hope that the airport management is prepared for overseas airlines entering the picture at Ogle. This is another challenge, or opportunity whereby Guyana’s reputation and aviation capabilities will be at stake.

Guard Burke’s death must not be completely in vain. Let it be a wake-up call to tighten all aspects of management at our second airport.  In passing, I wonder how come a cache of weaponry is accommodated at Ogle, which is an international port of entry?  This raises a whole set of questions.  For now I regret that it took a fatal tragedy to find out a little more about Ogle International.

Yours faithfully,
David Narine

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